Say hello to a new kind of coffee company

We live in a time where little decisions can make a big impact on the world around us. Like your morning coffee. We think it should be simple to buy ethically sourced coffee, but when we looked into it, we found it was a right faff. So we’re putting all of our twenty years of experience in the coffee industry to good use and launching a new kind of coffee company.

Welcome to Kind Coffee. Our business is simple. We roast and deliver organic coffee beans, while putting kindness at the heart of everything we do. For us, that means delivering delicious coffee in a way that’s genuinely fair to everyone, from our organic farmers to our customers, with sustainable practices in place to protect the planet.

Organic farming practices are kinder to the environment than standard coffee farming processes. Our growers only use natural, organic compounds and fertilisers to nurture the coffee plants, yielding clean beans with a richer, purer taste.

We’re chuffed to say our ethically sourced organic range has something for everyone, from strong espresso to our smooth daily blend, with single-origin beans to cater for every taste. This truly is coffee with a clear conscience. Absolutely no nonsense. Our kind of coffee.

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